social media takeover


  • daily content creation (all major platforms)​

  • account optimisation

  • lead generation

  • modified link-in-bio

  • product photoshoot


3 mo: $250/mo

6 mo: $200/mo

12 mo: $166/mo

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social media


  • content creation

    • facebook, instagram, linkedin, twitter​

  • account optimization

  • lead generation

  • modified link-in-bio

  • product photoshoot


3 mo: $166/mo

6 mo: $200/mo

12 mo: $

the web


  • weekly blog(s)

  • weekly email marketing

  • SEO (search engine  optimization)

  • digital ads (facebook, google, instagram, linkedin)

*details are mentioned below


3 mo: $300/mo

6 mo: $200/mo

12 mo: $166/mo

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feature details

< no gimmicks >

content creation
  • daily post (short video/ crousel/ photo)

  • standard routine- 3 short videos + 3 crousel/ photo posts in a week

  • product photoshoot in advance (available in select cities currently)

profile optimisation
  • changing bio, highlights and theme of the profile time to time

  • special post on every famous festival/ memorable day product launch custom posts

lead generation
  • offers/ discounts custom posts

  • forwarding leads from comments/ messages in database form

modified link-in-bio
  • a short and simple link containing all important links for your business (website, videos, catalogue, etc.)

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