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limited to paid clients only


check your email

after purchasing a pack, you'll recieve an email specifically with your referral codes. each client can refer maximum 3 companies to earn additional benefits.


market to the

world, for free


redeem the

free gift


but there's

a limit 

each time someone uses your referral code to purchase a pack, you'll recieve $70 ad credit.

you can use these ad credits over any platform (instagram, google, facebook, linkedin) and enjoy free marketing.

the limit is to spend a minimum of $70 over an online ad, so you can completely use the $70 you earned through a referral. 


share your

business details

choose what's best for your business or book a demo if you want us to guide you through the process.

choose the product

we've got you covered, your details will remain safe with us. all we need to know is about your products, variants and a bit about the company.



more leads

meet us online to discuss how are we going to manage your social media or web prescence. also, you can edit your chosen pack if you need to.

welcome meet

be ready to recieve more inquiries through social media and unleash the potential of your business.

  • earn $70 ad credit each time after client purchases a pack using your referral code

  • the referred client will also earn a $50 ad credit after a sucessful purchase of a pack

how to redeem?

check out the steps below

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